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What is Catholic Youth Ministry?

“Catholic youth ministry is the response of the faith community to the needs and gifts of young people. Catholic Youth Ministry calls young people to be disciples of Jesus, fosters their responsible participation in the life and mission of the faith community and fosters their personal and spiritual growth”. (“Common Goals for Ministry”, National Certification Standards for Catholic Youth Ministers pg.9, 2005.)

 Start With Yourself

Step 1: Participate in the Sacramental and Community Life of Your Parish

Step 2: Learn the basics of Youth ministry.  Get familiar with the Mission and Goals of Youth Ministry.  Click here

Step 3: Take the Introduction to Youth MInistry Training given by OFCYM.  To find out when is the next Intro to Youth Ministry Training at your Vicariate Click here

 Prepare The Field

Step 1: Develop working relationships with key parish leaders.

Step 2: Find out the contact information of your Vicariate Coordinator.  Click here  

Step 3: Find out what resources will be available from the parish for the youth ministry program (space, material, budget)

Step 4: Start developing your resource list by simply using our list.    Click here

Step 5: Prepare your program and administrative forms and templates (membership database, registration forms, consent forms etc)

Build Your Team

Step 1: Do intentional One-to-Ones with potential adults who you think could become youth ministers.  Prepare and lead them towards getting certified as Youth Ministers, Click here

Step 2: Talk with key young teen leaders and their parents and prepare them to get the proper formation as Peer-Ministers (in Vicariate III they are recognized as Core Members). Soon OFCYM will be offering proper Peer-Ministry Formation for young leaders

Step 3: Invite the potential team to an OFCYM Introduction to Youth Ministry.  Find out when is your next Vicariate training, Click here. 

Step 4: Assign roles and responsibilities to those that stick around after the training.  Those you could count on.

Develop Your Identity

Step 1: Together with your new Leadership Team, build your identity. 

Step 2: What will be the mission of your program?

Step 3: What will be the long term and short term goals?

Step 4: What will be your vision

Step 5: What will be your Youth Ministry Name and Logo

Step 6: What will be your colors and slogan

Develop Your Calendar

Step 1: Develop a comprehensive calendar. 

  • Get familiar with the components of youth ministry.  Click here
  • Develop your Programming.  Click here

Step 2: Make sure you have a weekly, monthly and annual calendar    

Step 3: Make sure to include Archdiocesan Youth Ministry Events, which you could find dates and times by Click here

 Recruit Your Membership

Step 1: Let your Peer Ministers do word of mouth recruitment

Step 2: Be consistant with the image and identity you developed when doing your promotions and marketing

Step 3: Create your banners and T-shirts. 

Step 4: Organize your first retreat.  To find out Retreat Centers in your area Click here